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Teacher and Education Consultant M. Ed.

Winner of National and Provincial (Canadian) Awards for educational contribution in the field of second language education.

Brandon University Gold Medal and the Governor General’s Gold Medal for the highest academic standing in the Master’s degree program. (2002)

I am Canadian and speak both English and French.



I started out as a teacher in our school system and eventually became an Education Consultant (supporting other teachers) as well as a Sessional Instructor at our local University. For the last seven years, I had the opportunity to work with newcomers to our small city…immigrants from over 20 countries.

I have presented many seminars and workshops at provincial and national conferences in Canada as well as in my own city. I first became interested in personal productivity when as a wife and mother of two young boys, I was teaching full-time and completing graduate studies in the evening. Very busy years! Now, I am at a more relaxed stage of life! I am happy to be semi-retired, with time to work from home on all things learning.