Plan for Online Language-Learning Success

Signing up for an online language learning course can be a little bit daunting. Before committing to anything, you might want to give some consideration to these three things…

  1. Your understanding of language learning and your expectations: Contrary to popular belief, there are many routes to success when learning a new language. Nevertheless, based on your past experiences, you may well have your own ideas on the best way for you to learn a language. The program that will work best for you is most likely the one that is aligned with your personality and your beliefs. There are online language classes where you learn by acquiring language (a semi-immersion approach), some that concentrate heavily on grammar and others that are essentially rote-learning exercises.
  2. Your goals: Think about your reason for learning the language. What do you want to do with it? Read a menu? Understand a newspaper? Ask questions as a tourist? Challenge yourself intellectually? Do you need in-depth, intensive language instruction or an introductory course?
  3. How to enrich your language study: Learning a language works so much better if you ‘plug into’ some cultural resources while you learn. It makes learning more interesting and relevant. This is where the online world really shines. We can now access movies, music, newscasts and more from practically anywhere in the world if you know where to look.


The good news is that most languages now have many resources online. Eight years ago, I was asked to see what was available for Amharic (an Ethiopian language) and there was virtually nothing to be had. This is no longer the case.  Moreover, if you are interested in English or a European language, there are so many online learning tools that it is difficult to know where to begin! I personally offer French courses for beginners and English courses for high-level learners. However, suppose you do not belong to those groups, or want to learn a different language?

Here’s where I can help…







Because of my background, I have spent a lot of time in the online language teaching and learning space. I can help streamline the process for you, by offering a free half-hour online chat to give you some ideas. Look for free apps, cultural resources and classes by checking out Pinterest, YouTube, Rosetta Stone, FluentU, Duolingo, The 3- Minute language learning series, children’s online programs, and more… If you prefer, I can draw up a personalized list of language learning tools for you, based on our online conversation. Depending on your needs, this would normally take a few hours of my time and there is a charge for this. Contact me for more information.






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