Skillshare- Sharing What You Know



Skillshare – Sharing What You Know

Anyone can become an online instructor-it’s all about sharing what you know. You don’t need teaching experience or credentials, you just need to be passionate about something and share it with others.

Languages are my thing. When I retired from full-time teaching a number of years ago, I explored teaching languages online. I currently teach French and English on two online platforms. One of the platforms that I use is Skillshare, and today I want to tell you about it.

Although you can teach any kind of class you are interested in, Skillshare really focuses on the creative arts. Here are some of their current popular classes.

This is just a sample, as there are over 18,000 classes on Skillshare! Many of them are free or are offered for free through coupons that the instructor creates. For example, because it’s the New Year, I thought that Skillshare subscribers might be interested in a few productivity tips that have worked for me- so I just created a short (18-minute) class on the subject with free coupons for anyone interested.

But free coupons aside, Skillshare is not expensive. They work on a subscription model,(think Netflix). You can join Skillshare and look around for three months for only 99¢ (or $1.24 Canadian).

Then, if you decide you would like to continue, you pay only about$ 10/month  on an annual basis.

I think it’s a deal- it’s really a lot of fun! I have taken over 300 classes on Skillshare, cooking, watercolour, history, Spanish, tech stuff… the list goes on.

Do you think you might like to try something new? If you would like to learn a new skill in 2018, or have some fun sharing what you know, I recommend Skillshare! Wishing you a great New Year of learning and growing!


p.s. Share with us in the comments below what you would like to learn this year. Your email is never shared.

p.p.s. I am telling you about Skillshare because I genuinely enjoy it, but if you use any of the links on this page, I will probably receive some instructor credit on Skillshare for promoting their platform. If you go that route, thank you! If you prefer, just Google “Skillshare” and go from there.





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