Should Your Five-Year Old Learn Coding?


It is always a challenge for schools to predict what children need to know in order to participate in society as contributing adults. I remember back in the 80’s when the schools were turning out keypunch operators- perhaps a rewarding job at the time, but an occupation that has long since vanished. I recently read that kindergarten students in BC will be introduced to coding ( ). Jeff Booth, CEO  is quoted in that article as saying: “It’s very possible that computer coding and other technology skills may become as critical as reading and writing.”

Maybe. Certainly, our present world was almost unimaginable just fifteen or so years ago. But that’s what makes it so hard for schools to ‘stay current’.The institution moves slowly by necessity and by the time that funding is allocated,  committees are formed, the curriculum is developed, teachers are trained and students start learning the “latest”, several years have gone by. In many ways, schools are doing a remarkable job teaching today’s students, but it is not easy for teachers to constantly learn new curricula and address the latest trend.

Given these realities, what subjects do you think schools should be teaching?

I just came across this article from an engineer entitled Please Don’t Learn to Code.  I thought it was well worth sharing. Your thoughts?

Please don’t learn to code

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