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It was about 8 months ago that I discovered Udemy. This is an amazing site for those of us who enjoy learning! But I want to stress that it’s not about academic learning. You can learn anything you want to- from how to bake sourdough bread (a runaway hit), to yoga, to languages, to computer coding. It’s free to sign up and the courses are very reasonable- often on sale for less than $20.00. Each course has a 30-day money back guarantee; there is no risk to enrolling in a course to see if you like it. Some of the instructors are professors and teachers- others are people who simply want to share something they are passionate about. The instructor decides on the course price, and many are free.

Online learning is playing a major part in our lives already.Think about how many times that  you looked up something on Google or YouTube in the past week!It appears that this learning format can only become even more mainstream.  Ivy League Universities have now released many of their courses online (for free). Internet articles talk about ” a new pedagogy” and how online courses are changing education.

After spending some time exploring Udemy, I took a deep breath and uploaded a course of my own. Learning to create online videos was a challenge that I still haven’t exactly mastered, but I’m getting better! Looking back, my first course (on Productivity) was fairly stilted and awkward- but people from around the world watched it and some really liked it!

I have now released three courses on Udemy and I’m liking it more and more. A great pastime for a (semi) retired teacher! My suggestion for this weekend? Give  yourself a present and  check out the Udemy site . Then tell me what you think!


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